Sofi Lee- Henson


Sofi Lee-Henson is an experiential designer specialising in art and science.

Through her company XNN Systems she creates experiences to directly engage people on a one to one basis. Through stimulation of all of the senses, stories can come alive and create truly memorable and evocative experiences.

runhoratio creates fake scientific companies to promote abstract or speculative ideas in full body realistic experiences. Their current aim is to explore theatre and experience as therapy. Exploring currently used therapeutic techniques, runhoratio applies methods through experience allowing escapism and the freedom for audiences to explore without consequence.

She also has worked with the Lounge Bohemia cocktail bar, as a storytelling waitress and molecular mixologist. The job there is to effectively bring people pure, childlike joy whilst simultaneously getting people drunk.

From here, she will continue to make films, events and cut in to many thousand more brains in the attempt to create environments of play for adults.